April 30, 2015

  • 1 Kings 8:28 (Lynn version)

    I ask Lord, pay Thee mind of this Thy servant,
    who comes before you this day in prayer,
    with pleas and supplication,
    asking You to answer the cry of my heart
    and my prayer to Thee.

    I am aware of a certain truth....
    I get much more out of my day when I begin it
    with the Word of God. It is He, I'd say, that takes
    my pain away.

    The bluebirds are out in force this evening.
    I think it is nest building time.
    I had the pleasure, a few weeks ago, of watching a grackle at the top of one of my trees, seeking until he found a branch/twig that would break off, then he flew away, to take it to his nest building I presume.

April 29, 2015

  • Rainy days and Wednes-days...
    Image result for smileys feeling blue

    ~ feelin' mad, feelin' sad, feelin' bad... I'm listenin' ~

    April showers...

    April showers

    thank goodness for the promise of May flowers.  :-)


    Why does the weather always clear up just as it is time for the sun to go down....
    now it is looking clear and bright... just in time for nightfall... erm smiley

  • wanting my own yard...

    I love it every year when the wild flowers come up
    (wish I could provide a photo)
    and hate it every year when the mowers come along
    and mow them down. :-(

    For now I am able to enjoy the visual beauty of
    the wildflowers, even on this gloomy day ... until
    the mowers come... probably next Monday or Tuesday.

    I need a 'pick-me-up' this morning (no, not that kind,
    I haven't fallen :-) ... Frank humor... missing Frank)
    Cafe Vienna ?

April 27, 2015

  • "We have appointed a Continental Fast.
    Millions will be upon their knees at once before their great Creator,
    imploring his forgiveness and blessing; his smiles on American councils
    and arms."

    President John Adams, June 17, 1775

    Long has the United States turned to God in prayer for blessing.

    May 7th is a National Day of Prayer when we all need to be on our knees asking for God's mercy on our waywardness, and the restoration of blessing to the people of the United States... to bring us Godly leaders, and renew a right spirit within the hearts of the people... with the power to defeat any evil that assails, and has assailed, us.

  • Blue Heron just flew past my window, shoulder level
    as I was sitting in my sun-room  :-)

    ... wish I had been on my porch.

April 26, 2015

April 25, 2015

  • and now the earthquake that devastated Nepal.....


    Chilly and dreary day here today...

April 24, 2015

April 23, 2015

  • Lizards, and birds, oh my!

    Had a bird nearly fly into my head... looked like a kingfisher
    or a titmouse. He had that crest on his head that I love
    so much. :-)
    It seemed he was headed for a perching place on my porch,
    possibly my tree, and was startled to discover me sitting
    out there. I must say, I was just as startled by the
    tremendous sound of his wings by my ear as he veered off
    I get used to the hum of the wood bees that come and go,
    but this was one BIG sound for a bee. :-)
    He re-directed his landing pattern, and perched on my ledge
    for a bit, before he decided he could not trust me enough to
    pursue his original plan, and flew off. It is going to be a rather cold night tonight, so I hope he feels he can come back now that I have gone. Last year I had a little bird that liked to hunker down on my porch whenever it rained. Maybe this is that same little bird. :-)
    I also had to referee a lizard fight while enjoying (or trying to enjoy) my porch today. One had the other by the tail, but I figured I was a more frightening threat so I moved, and I was right... the tail was immediately let go of. lol